Leisa Ryan

Spacial & Interior Design

With over 23 years experience in interior design and an outdated company named Room2, Leisa needed a re-brand and name change that would speak to the kind of designer she is and always has been. Since designing solo after working in a partnership for many years, Leisa had gained a wide clientele through word of mouth & testimony from happy clients. Because of this, as well as Leisa's personable & memorable personality, we decided that her name was the perfect fit for her own brand.
The visual identity of this project was informed by Leisa's common use of raw & natural materials, as well as the luxurious textures & upholstery she pairs with it. It was also important to emphasise Leisa's spacial skills such as her strength in floor-plan design. These skills have been emphasised in the way's in which the brand plays with defined lines and negative space. Note: all photographs used are placeholders as Leisa's work has not yet been photographed. All images are sourced from Kathrine McDonald Design.

A rebrand to establish Leisa as an independent, experienced and distinguished spacial and interior designer