Partners Life Advice

Product design


Anticipating an acquisition that would see Partners Life taking over all life insurance referrals from BNZ bank, a need arose for a distinct tool. This tool was intended to empower financial advisers to deliver clearer life insurance advice to potential customers.

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The Idea

In collaboration with a team at AKQA, we conceived a guided tool and experience tailored to personalise the advice journey. This approach provided customers with a practical window into potential financial scenarios. Balancing self-guided exploration with adviser-led support, our design rested on three pivotal principles: "Be my guide," "Show me how and tell me why," and "Make me feel." These principles were meticulously crafted to ensure users received guidance through an unfamiliar process, comprehended the rationale behind each step, and developed a personal investment in making decisions that resonated with them.

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My Role

As a Senior Experience Designer, my focus revolved around shaping the UI and fostering the creative evolution of the platform. I was responsible for ensuring visual and experiential uniformity across every stage. Collaborating harmoniously with a diverse team of designers, strategists, content specialists, and developers, I partook in ideation, prototype development, and the execution of final designs. Additionally, I undertook the design of the platform's package comparison phase—an integral juncture of the advice journey. This step enabled customers to evaluate and contrast various coverage options, ultimately making choices aligned with their lifestyle and financial circumstances.

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