Encouraging positive perceptions of self among young New Zealand womxn

Self is a social platform and design system that aims to diversify narratives about womxn* and non-binary people, improving the messages that users receive via their screens every day. Through the sharing of stories, experiences & perspectives of an ever changing range of individuals, Self acts as a content provider that both stimulates users, and helps to filter out narratives that traditionally make them feel inadequate.
The platform is designed to be accessible and relatable to a broad range of targeted users, housing content that can be shared and contributed too. Three bold colours are used to mark the face of the brand, while other colours are introduced to emphasise the unique personality of commissioned/featured content. Black is used to challenge traditional ideas of femininity and to contrast the white interfaces that users typically see. This makes users feel that they’re engaging with a more intimate community. Lastly, the stacking of interface pages represent the different layers of each individual and the complexity of contemporary feminism. They shift and change to embody the process of unpacking old narratives learning new ones.
* Womxn is an alternative term to 'woman' which includes trans women and non-binary folk

Young self identifying women all over NZ are battling with self deprecating thought due to many different cultural, social, political and historical contexts. Unfortunately, many individuals do not have the tools or modes of thought to decode, unlearn and overcome oppressive narratives.
How might a design system encourage positive perceptions of self among young New Zealand women?
By creating an online space that shares an ever changing range of stories, perspectives and experiences, young womxn can begin to learn new narratives that are empowering, interesting and entertaining. By creating a system that occupies the digital world, users are encouraged to identify content that feeds self deprecating thought and un-follow it. They are also encouraged to consume and contribute to this new system and network, allowing it to grow organically over-time.
Self was constructed with both human centred methods and intersectional feminist theory at its core. Methods used in the design process included semi structured interviews, focus groups, prototyping and user testing.
'I will quite often use distractions like uni, work or tv so I don't have to think about my insecurities. If I do confront them, i'll hide myself away, skip uni and stay in bed'
Interview question: How does the way you feel about yourself affect your every day?
Self is a space to better understand the identities of ourselves and others, a space for representation, expression and collaboration
Excerpt from the About page