Your Sales Engine

A unique, conversational and fun sales website

Your Sales Engine (YSE) is a sales consulting, training and recruitment company based in Wellington. As part of a Digital Design Internship for Psychoactive Studios, I was tasked with designing and developing the company website on Webflow, while working closely with the client throughout the process.

From the beginning, it was clear that the objective was not to simply build another standard sales website. The Founder and CEO, Thomas Maharaj, made it clear that YSE is set apart from its competitors because of its drive to humanise the sales process. Because of this, it was essential that the web designs illustrated YSE as personable, conversational, professional and fun. Colour was used to represent the company as a whole (yellow), and the company's three distinct services, consulting (blue), training (magenta) and recruitment (teal). Animation was used to make the brand feel like it's always in motion, morphing and growing. Clean typographic layouts and negative space were utilised to ensure the content is digestible and that the user is never overwhelmed. All CTA's lead to a Calendly integration allowing users to book in a time to talk to the Thomas. This decision was made and we identified that most of Thomas's leads are converted once he has the opportunity to speak to them over the phone.

'I will quite often use distractions like uni, work or tv so I don't have to think about my insecurities. If I do confront them, i'll hide myself away, skip uni and stay in bed'
Interview question: How does the way you feel about yourself affect your every day?