Brand Experience
Brand Identity


AgriZero stands as a pioneering partnership between agribusiness and the government, serving as a catalyst and investment fund with the ambitious goal of accelerating agricultural emissions reduction by 30% by 2030. Originally named the 'Climate Change Action Joint Venture,' the organization approached AKQA NZ to develop a new name, strategy, brand identity, website, and marketing collateral. This comprehensive approach aimed to establish their presence and foster brand recognition as a new entity.

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The Idea

The strategy and identity were meticulously crafted to portray AgriZero as an ambitious, forward-thinking entity committed to the crucial task of curbing agricultural methane emissions across Aotearoa New Zealand. Tailored to a diverse audience encompassing farms, technology, and international investment, the brand sought to stand out in a crowded landscape of climate action and agriculture initiatives. Drawing inspiration from iconic tech brands, I employed shapes, colours, and minimalism to convey the concepts of reduction and sustainability. A distinctive colour palette was developed to resonate with the agricultural sector while maintaining its individuality. Imagery and language were thoughtfully integrated to anchor the brand, reassuring farmers that AgriZeroNZ is a steadfast ally.

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My Role

At the forefront of this transformation, my responsibility was conceptualizing, developing, and implementing the brand-new identity across all touchpoints. This encompassed the formulation of brand guidelines for both print and digital media, grounding the identity in a newly established strategy, as well as crafting the website's user experience and user interface. In addition, I played a crucial role in devising a strategy to enhance brand awareness, facilitating AgriZero's engagement with a wider audience.

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