Partners Life Website

Art Direction


Partners Life, a prominent life insurance provider catering to over 300,000 New Zealanders, approached AKQA with the goal of transforming their website's purpose. The shift involved moving beyond basic brand recognition and pivoting toward enhanced engagement with both potential and existing customers. This evolution called for a more dynamic focus on self-service options and customer interaction.

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The Idea

Central to this collaboration was the comprehensive redesign of Partners Life's homepage. This pivotal effort turned the website from a static information repository into a compelling platform, thoughtfully reassuring prospective clients of Partners Life's eminence in the insurance landscape. The redesign focused on enabling seamless actions for both current and potential clients. This encompassed facilitating informative journeys and introducing an innovative feature for digital claim submissions. A meticulously crafted visual language showcased Partners Life's ethos through the "restless form" – an animated constellation of dots symbolizing the individuals under their coverage. The animation and artdirection aligns seamlessly with Partners Life's commitment to ongoing improvement and innovation. Interactive elements were also thoughtfully woven in, underlining the unpredictability of life and the imperative of insurance. For instance, the hero section treats users to different, punchy images with each visit or page refresh, underscoring the ever-changing nature of circumstances.

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My Role

In my capacity as a Senior Experience Designer, I took the lead in revamping the homepage's user interface, steering art direction, and shaping interaction design. My involvement began at the project's inception, collaborating closely with fellow designers to define initial strategies and formulate wireframes. As the project gained momentum, my role expanded into the creative and visual development of the redesigned page. This involved ongoing collaboration with various stakeholders at Partners Life, ensuring that the final output resonated with their developing goals. By orchestrating a holistic design approach and fostering continuous dialogue, I ensured that the outcome aligned seamlessly with Partners Life's vision and resonated with their audience.

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