Clinicians E‑commerce



Clinicians, following a brand revitalization, sought a comprehensive transformation of their website, integrating e-commerce capabilities for the first time. Turning to AKQA, they envisioned a complete website revamp and a Shopify e-commerce implementation. Their objectives encompassed reshaping customer engagement, accentuating their scientifically grounded research and products, and propelling sales beyond conventional in-store avenues.

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The Idea

Our concept involved a lively e-commerce experience that showcased Clinicians' commitment to scientific integrity. We struck a balance between clinical professionalism and approachability, fostering a feeling of guidance from a knowledgeable friend. A tailored quiz was developed to help users find suitable products, accompanied by easy access to expert consultations with naturopaths. Rigorous design testing and refinements, informed by user analytics, ensured a smooth experience across all devices.

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My Role

Collaborating closely with content, design, and the client, I shaped the e-commerce strategy. I led the process from developing wireframes to crafting all UI and visual elements, building a seamless and engaging brand experience to position Clinicians for e-commerce success.

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